Tiengo is a family of Estate Agents who first began to work in the area
of Venice and Mestre where Mr. Giobatta and Cornelio Tiengo opened the first Estate Agency in the area.

How we were born:

After the Second World War there was a long period of reconstruction and a great necessity
of housing also due to the industrialization of Porto Marghera .
The request of houses for rent and for sale became greater and greater.
The two Tiengo brothers began to specialize in managing properties of several landlords and owners and
of the several transactions between landlords and tennants:payments of rents, contracts refittings and repairings etc.
This type of job is now done for about 500 properties - offices, flats, houses, villas and garages.
We are now specialized in customer care giving a detailed service to our customers, either they are landlords or tennants or people who are only interested in selling or buying a house

We are able to cover a full range of duties, from receiving payments of rents to renewals of contracts,
iscal legislation, taxation etc. When needed we provide for refittings and repairings always according to the needs of both
parties: landlords and tennants verifiying on spot the nature of the breaksdown with the help of specialized firms and artisans: electricians, plumbers, etc.

Since 1973 Mr. Antonio Tiengo, the present owner of this Estate Agency,
has become responsible for the sale department.